Can marriage be saved after adultry?

This is very hard for me to say this but maybe I need this to help me feel better. I am on the other side on this my now ex did it to me I was going to over look and to forgive her and even pick up and move her our children and me to anywhere just to get our lives moving in the right way but the last straw came when she put a law suit on me (and she lost) and that put a stop to all I did not trust her no more I told her that she not the same woman that I know I am glad of what happened to me this made me a better person and look at life much much better.
I have heard of lots of couples who forgave and went on and did mcuh better then before there are even books out the I think one is called how to look past the affair.
Sounds like she is mad and sound like she is holding it in her one question for you what would you do if she did the samething or she now is doing this?
Have you tried to make a new life of yourself and with her like little things flowers, cards and little things that a woman needs to make her feel like she a woman. There are lots of books to help you and her on this tuff and hard road this is not going to be easy and this my not even work but if love is there then this will work
Hope the best for you and her

Check out this site:

It is full of great resources for getting through infidelity. It is also full of people who are going through the same pain/issues. And there are members who have gotten through the pain successfully and remained married.

Good luck.

We’ve been married for many years, and we’ve had our ups and downs. She stopped wanting a sex life many years ago, and knew that it was hurting me. I didn’t want to leave her, I just wanted things to get better. They never did. So last year, I made a stupid decision with a co-worker, and my wife found out. It was a short affair, and the other woman has been transfered because of this. I never meant to hurt my wife, but I just wanted some type of sex life. I know that I am now grouped with a lot of low life cheating spouses, and I hate that. I have been apologizing profusely, and we’re trying a counseler. But I don’t think she is going to be able to overlook my stupidity. Have other couples put this behind them, and moved on with a different, but stronger relationship? We’ve had some of our best sex ever since this has happened, but she still hates what I have done to our marriage.