Can she do that?


She can do that. There is a fee for every subpeona that she wants to have drawn up so she will be paying for every one of those women. If you haven’t been unfaithful during your marriage then you have nothing to worry about, but it will be a real test of the courts patience if she calls say 5 or so women to the stand who all say that they have not been involved in marital misconduct. I think it would be seen as a “witch hunt” and likely her lawyer or the judge would put a stop to it. If there is proof, with a specific person, that she already has then she could call that person but I would think that trying to get any and all females you know on a witness stand so she could get proof that way would be an unethical use of the courts time. I would think that she could only requests witnesses with knowledge for specific times, dates, or incidents.


I doubt her attorney would allow her to do it. Just for fun, tell her o.k. and offer her a few more names to add to her list. In a worse case scenario, she’s going to let the court see her for the gold diggin’ nutbar she is.

I know this may seem wrong but, you can always Lie, deny, and make counter-accusations.


My wife is threatening to have all of my female friends called up to the stand to ask them if I have been unfaithful with them. Can she do that? I left her a month ago and she is obviously upset, but I left her for other reasons that she is aware of.