Can she do this to me?


oh well, no response or advise, anyone?


fyi - no attorney reponse here…post this elsewhere


I have good news, I hope. First, ex-student is right, this posting belongs in the Legal Issues folder, not the Emotional Issues one. However, I will say that alimony is not a done deal like so many would make you think. Who left who? If you wronged her, then maybe she has a claim, but the fact is, she’s made it twelve months straight without any financial assistance from you, and now all of the sudden she needs it? Chris Rock said it best when he said that men lie more often, but women lie bigger. Don’t listen to any more of her crap. Ignore her, you have no reason to contact her anymore.


I have been seperated for a year. she and I agreed that I would pay for her car and she would pay off a small loan we took out. I payed the car off. she has been on my insurance for a year. now we dont have children together but I have children from a previous marriage. When we met and married she knew about child support. now that it is divorce time she wont sign!!! she says since my child support is over in dec of this year that she needs help financialy. can she go back and claim she needs help? I dont understand why she is threatening me with this. Do I have to pay her I havent paid her in a year. Now she says that i never called to check on her and she is mad. isnt that the point of divorce. its like she is my child and was supposed to call her and I dont want to…

just wondering if she can go back on our agreement and get alimony…