Can she kick me out?

I think it is illegal to be getting into her emails. To answer you question no, she can not kick you out, unless you hit her or threaten her.

Yes, she can force you out. All she has to do is say that you threatened her and claim that she fears for her life. A restraining order will be given and you’ll be tossed out. That’s a common move for women who want out of their marriage.

I agree- she can kick you out of the house- She can file a 50B(Domestic Violence Order. Which gives her rights to the house or whatever the judge agrees to. All she has to do is say that you hit her and she is scared for her life or(if you have children)scared for their life as well. This has been done to me so i speak with experience.

Kris H

Dear brank:

Greetings. No, there is no way for them to remove you from your home within 10 days, except by a domestic violence restraining order. They can ask you to be removed by a Divorce from Bed and Board action if you have committed some marital misconduct.

I would advise however that you take the concern seriously and begin negotiating now, regardless of your schedule. Hire an attorney to help you. Thank you.

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Yesterday my wife e-mailed her attorney. I saw the e-mail, and the following portion of it concerns me.