Can spouse turn off utilities?


My husband is having an affair and wants a divorce. He hasn’t stayed in our home for over a week now, an is staying with the other woman. I asked him to come get some of his things, and he told me no. That if he’s paying the mortgage, he can come and go as he pleases. He said that if I change the locks, he will take my car, my cell phone and turn off the power. Can he do this?? He makes more than me, everything is in his name, except for the deed and mortgage to our house… Please advise! I have a consultation with you guys, but it isn’t until Tuesday.


Not an attorney…if he has moved out of the house and set up residence elsewhere you CAN change the locks,but if he still “lives” at the house , you can’t change them…
If the utilities are in his name, yes he can shut them off…if they’re in your name , no he can’t…
My husband pulled the same crap on me…empty threats,manipulation, control, all part of abuse!


He can turn off the power, but it won’t bode well for him in court or in future negotiations. He could also turn off the phone, but I don’t know how he would get it if it is in your possession. He may be able to take the car, but a lot of officers won’t get involved in domestic disputes so I would make sure he doesn’t have access to it if/when you change the locks. And yes, you can change the locks, but if you have waited this long, you should probably wait for your consultation to discuss all the possible scenarios and pick a course of action that is best for you before making any rash decisions.