Can this be used against father

a friend of mine has a facebook account that she no longer uses. she knows my situation. without telling me beforehand, she requested my ex as a friend and he accepted, and they had a conversation. they do not know each other, and on this account they have NO mutual friends. she acted like she went to school with him, but graduated a year earlier than him. she showed me the conversation a few days later. i was appalled. he had our very young daughter in his care at the time that this conversation took place. within a very few minutes, he gave her his phone number and wanted to chat or text on the phone. she kept it to just computer talk. she was “flirting” with him. he was wanting to meet up with her the very next night (even though he had our daughter for the weekend). then they got to talking about where each other lives, and she mentioned coming to his house to see him. he gave his street name. the girl is from the area, so was aware of where this road is. while there are several houses on his road, it would not be hard at all to identify where he lives, due to his facebook photos, as well as he and his parents lives on a “named farm”, (with their last name), and have pictures on their facebook of the farm and farm sign. this disturbs me very much!!! he doesnt know this person at all, and yet, while he had our daughter in his care, he was more than willing to meet up with this girl, and gave his street name that he lives on, which as i stated, wouldnt be hard to locate at all. he has no clue who this person is, if shes real or fake, if shes a real female or male, and yet, he automatically gives phone number and street name, not caring that this might be some kind of crazy lunatic looking for trouble. how would the courts perceive this? can this be used in court against him for not thinking about the safety of our daughter? of course nothing ever came of it, of course, but, to think that he would talk to a complete stranger and offer such information not even knowing this person really upsets me, knowing our daughter was in his home the night that this conversation took place. please advise. i dont want to use this against him if my friend could get in trouble for “entrapment” or whatever. thanks!

That isn’t entrapment.