Can't find spouse in Nicaragua

I hired an attorney to file for divorce. My husband was deported to Nicaragua in 2009. We sent the papers to the last known address, and they were returned as undeliverable 4 months later. Do I have any recourse, or am I stuck being married since the last know address is in a foreign country and I can’t find him?
He won’t respond to emails or phone calls. He claims he got a divorce in Nicaragua and has remarried over two years ago, so he is essentially done with me and sees no reason to respond. I was never notified if he did try to divorce me from there. I’m sure that divorce wouldn’t be recognized here.

I suggest you have an attorney help you with this. If your former attorney is unsure how to proceed, considering retaining a different attorney. The answer to this question lies in the relationship that the United States has with Nicaragua, specifically if there are any treaties that control service of process.