Chances of Ailmony or Child Support

I am a single father with 4 kids and uncovered an affair my wife was having after earlier this year in June. To the extent of the affair, I don’t know. I believe more has happened than just the admitted kiss as the other man was a mutual friend of 3 years, with his own relationship issues. On top of it all, its my children’s principal. There was over 3000 texts in June alone, so something was obviously going on. We have been married for 10 years. She was the supportive spouse and took some bills. I have the house and we agreed on joint custody (week on, week off). My question is do I have a chance at being awarded anything if I fork out the thousands (which I don’t have) to go to court with a lawyer, for some support whether it be alimony or child support? Understanding they are different payments but ultimately going towards the kids and providing for them. I am barely making it pay day to pay day with no extras on a third of the household income. Any help would be beneficial. Thank you for your time.

Child support is determined by using a calculation based on the incomes of the parties, childcare and healthcare expenses, and the number of overnights each party has custody of the children. You should put your information in our child support calculator to see an idea of what the court ordered child support would be. If your spouse is determined to be a supporting spouse, and an award of alimony is appropriate, it hard to determine based on your post. You should have a consultation with an attorney in your area to discuss the specific facts of your case to help you come to a determination of whether you should move forward with a claim for alimony.