Change a foreign signed Alimony agreement in NC

My Ex-wife and I got married in China in 2001 and got divorced in China in 2005. We do not have any children. I signed an agreement to pay her lifelong alimony when we filed for divorce in China. Now both of us are US Citizens. Now I don’t think paying a lifelong alimony is fair to me and I want to change it. Is it possible? I do not think she wants to accept any change. If it can be done, can it be done at NC or I have to go back to China? If I do it in NC, do I need to go to a court?


It depends if the alimony is modifiable. If not, you cannot change it. It also depends on whether the agreement has specific language about governing laws and enforcement as to where you can bring suit.

Thanks for your reply.

How do I know that if it is modifiable? It was written in Chinese. No words about how to enforce it and governing laws.


It should be governed by the laws where it was written, and you would have to speak with an attorney in China to determine if it is modifiable.