Changing custody order

She could, but you’re dealing with a double edged sword here. On one hand, she can always come back and try to get full custody, and since you’re a guy, the odds are always stacked against you. On the other hand, any effort by her to do so after you go after the a of a, bigamy, and such, could be shown to a judge as nothing more than retaliation against you.

I am still in between a rock and a hard place, and now a double edged sword, still looking for advice, though. There is got to be a happy medium. They need to be punished for breaking the law, and I also need to be with my son, as much as possible. I appreciate your comments.

Unfortunately that’s all the advice I can offer, but when you’re dealing with Judges in N.C., logic and “justice” have a funny way of getting distorted.

Whats your motives, if its over then let it be over all this should have been done at the begining but since shes moved on and you haven’t and now you’re upset.So what are you really trying to do. A Judge will do whats best for the child if there haven’t been any major changes that will not benefit the child then a Judge will more than likley leave thing the way they are. Heres some advice"LET IT GO" you will do more harm to yourself than good

Have question, Our joint custody agreement was made in July 06’, and currently, it is fine with me, but I am fixing to go after her new spouse for a of a, and CC, and bigamy, they are not going to be to happy with this, my question is, can she take me back to court and get more than 50% custody of our child, as an act of retaliation? I am between a rock and a hard place, thanks