I just found this paper ( which claims to have researched the Continued Health Care Benefit Program (CHCBP) available to unremarried former spouses of military service members. The author emphasizes that unlimited coverage eligibility is tied to receiving some amount of the SM’s retirement or survivor benefits. My divorce was final about 2 weeks ago, and our agreement does not include me getting any of his retirement benefits (or survivor benefits). My lawyer did not discuss the implications with me – he probably didn’t know them himself. It seems fairly obscure.

  1. how do I know if the author is correct and the law has not changed?
  2. If this is correct, can the separation agreement be changed after the divorce is final?


I am unfamiliar with the specifics of CHCBP. If you have a specific question about family law in NC or retirement benefits, I will gladly respond.

A separation agreement is a contract. You can enter a modification if both parties consent.