Cheating with best friend in home


Help! My husband informed me 23 Dec. that he wanted a seperation after 19 years of marriage. complicated issue and i need to know what I can get. he has fallen in love with my best friend of 25 years who moved in with us 7 years ago because her husband walked out on her and 2 boys. we have lived together as 1 family for this time and they fell in love approx. 3 years ago and have been having an affair for about that long. i do not want this divorce. he is leaving for iraq in 3 weeks. he makes over $80,000 and she makes $50,000. i make about $25,000 and i have fibromyalgia which affects and will affect my ability to work. i can’t get other health insurance and my medication is $1400 a month without insurance. i have therapy 2x a week and related appointments. he told me i had a bachelor’s degree and to find a better job. i can’t find a job with the flexibility of going to 2 to 4 appt a week. we own/mortgage 2 houses. the deeds are in all 3 names and the mortgages is in his. he told me i could have the rental house. credit cards i’m not worried about we have 1 in his name with a balance.i told him i wasn’t leaving this house until he returns in jan 2005. we do not want the boys to know. our son is a freshman in college. what am i entiteled to? i need 1/2 his retirement to secure my health benefits. he has been in 17 years and 8 months. please help i am devasted. this happened 1 hour before my grandmother/mother passed away. i went by myself to the funeral and returned tonight to " how was your drive home and nothing else excpet turn the radio down and he is now sleeping on the couch.