Child abandoment

Hope you have better luck than we did with this one!!! My significant other’s ex put her two boys, ages 12 & 14, out in the highway and refused to let them back in the house. One of Her cousins called us and told us we needed to pick up the kids. We had him bring the boys to the magistrates office so we had proof that she had put them out and they had no where else to go. This was late on a Sunday night. We both took off on Monday to try and get custody and tell the authorities what she had done. We were told that because we did the right thing and picked up the boys, they could not (or would not) do anything to her because the boys were not abandoned and were not in danger since we had them. To make matters worse, she tried to charge him with kidnapping since we had the boys on days that were not in the visitation order. If it had not been for the fact that we had the word of the magistrate, she probably would have gotten away with this. She got the boys back after 2 weeks and cleaning us out. She came into our house while we were at work to pick up the boys and stole A TV, VCR, DVD, rent money,chest of drawers
, Movies, clothes, video game player and games, some of my jewelry and new clothes. Since the boys let her in, the law would do nothing about any of it. Lesson learned. She tried this again, and when we got the call, we told her family member to take the boys to the police station. We would not pick them up again.

What consitutes child abandoment and how does one go about proveing a case with what appropriate supportable facts and evidence.

What NCGS that apply to this also Thanks [?]

Disbelief in the system