Child Custody Change - What can we request?

We are in our final hearing for a Change of Custody later this month and it looks fairly positive that we will be awarded custody of my husband’s son.

My question is this - what can we request from the other parent, via the court, at that time. We will be waiving child support as Mom is no longer employed, and we don’t want to put her into a more stressful situation than she’s already in.

We would like to ask for some of the following things:
Contact information for any adult transporting the minor child, inclusive of cell phone numbers for grandparents, sister, mother, boyfriend, etc.
Specific date of transfer of minor child.
Agreement that father will pick up the child from the mother’s residence on the specific date provided by the court.
Agreement that father will be allowed to assist child in moving personal items from mother’s home to be taken to his new home.
Full contact information from Mother, inclusive of active email, cell phone, place of employment and they be kept current over time.
Agreement mother will utilize family calendar that she is provided access to online for planning purposes.

That kind of thing…so any input on this one would be really appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance.

If you are awarded custody you may then seek child support.
The remaining items you seek are reasonable. I would suggest typing list of these and other such logistical items and asking the judge to consider placing them in the final order.

Erin, Thank you for the quick response.

Much Appreciated.

You are most welcome. I wish you the best.