Child custody


Yes this is the story my child lived with me 07,08.08,09,went to school in her mothers district .But child lived with me at night etc.I would pick the child up from school.I noticed odd things going on smell of alchol,pot,cigarettee smoke when the child came back home.So early in 2010 I went and got and won temporary custody of my child even though I had her 90% of the time.Well things went from bad to worse cps was called because my child said she saw her mother having sex with someone.I’ts a long story.The mother then refused to pick the child up and wanted me to drive back and forth to drop the child off.That is not happening the mother lives 45 minutes away.So the mother does not call and when she does she calls my child names.Fat,depressed,demons,devils,rattlesnakes the list goes on and on.The child the meantime is still living with me and the mother calls me and calls me names I have had two parents to pass away.She has said on many occasions that i killed them.That has crushed me and I don’t really associate or want the mother around me or my child.The child is home schooled I decide to pull her out of public school because my mother got sick and I was the only to take care of her.My mother stayed sick over a year and a half.My mom passed away the ex found about it she then called me and started talking trash again.I have no family around where I am my mom was it.My real father does not have anything to do with me or my child.Neither his side of the family.I do have family but in other parts of NC.But they have said they don’t want to be there and be involved.They were not there for my mom so That is to be Expected.I do everything for my child ,doctor,dentist,entertainment.I am very scared to go back to court because the mother lied like a dog the first time.I don’t want to lose my kid because of this.I certainly don’t want my child around her mother because they don’t get along.My child is 12 and a half.I am a man and we do want to move to another part of the state about an hour and 15 where I am now.I forgot the mother was going to sign over the child to me but slapped me twice in front of my lawyer.IT’s awful any help would be appreciated.