Child support civil action

My question is, If an employer has failed to place employees on the new hire data base and refuses to provide income infomation to the CSE can they be held liable for thier action with a civil lawsuit for damages ? (Lost Child support)

A little background the employee has worked regular for 4 years a standard work weeks which has been documented reguarly and consistantly no tax witholding ever from the employer according to CSE which the employer states the person does not work for them. Even when the person is driving thier vehicals for 4 years documented with pictures working full time emploment with more than one person in this arangment. While the support obligation has remained 56.00. Thank you

I am assuming you issued a subpoena to get this information and it was not complied with, if so the court could impose sanctions for non compliance, however no civil action for damages lies in this case.