Child support guidelines question

Anybody knows this?

The attorneys respond about once a week, and respond to a bunch of questions in one session. Just give it a week or two :slight_smile: I learned this the hard way… thinking my question was “lost” in the postings, I bumped it up, but this actually moved me back in the queue.

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Thanks. I guess I should have asked a week or two ago. Given the lack of replies, perhaps my situation is more unique than I though.

[i]Originally posted by ivyalmighty[/i] [br]Stepmother - if you log out, then go back to forum WITHOUT logging back in.... open a post, then hit "reply"... the screen will say UserName: ((Yours)) Password: ((Yours)) Antispam question: Rosen Law Firm deals with divorce in what state? Answer: ((Here you'll type "NC:)) Message:

…that is how mine appears.

You may want to post this as a new topic. I’ve seen quite a few people having problems with posting a new thread…Thank you btw [:)]

I think you can but I don’t think it will have anything to do with child support for the other child. To my understanding if you have a child by two different women bot child is entitled to the same support. meaning 1st child gets $300 the other child get $300.

Let me try to clarify my question. The child support calculator on this site at some point asks:

“If you have responsibility for any other children not of this relationship, please enter the number of children here: (# of children)”

Well, my 18 year old daughter is from another relationship and she was living with me (and the rest of my children and my current wife) until she went off to college this past Fall. So she currently does not reside with me, but I am financing her being in college. Should I answer yes or no to the above question from the child support calculator?

For reference, here is another sentence I found on this site:

“A parent’s financial responsibility for his or her natural or adopted children who currently reside with the parent (other than children for whom child support is being determined in the pending action) is deducted from the parent’s gross income.”

marameo - From what I know, that child is still your dependent, as long as they are enrolled FULL TIME in college classes, do NOT work full time at a job, and as long as that child doesn’t enter “1” where it says “noone else can claim you as a dependent.” when they file their taxes. I know my parents still claimed me on tax returns while I was in college, because of this, and that’s also how I was able to remain on their insurance policy - because my full-time college status kept me in dependent status.

Dear marameo:

Greetings. No, if the child is not a minor, you cannot include them even if you are paying for college expenses, etc. However if you are paying for college expenses that may be a reason for the court to consider a deviation from the guidelines (especially if you are court ordered or bound by an agreement to pay). Good luck.

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My wife and I are separating and I will pay child support four our children. I also have another child, from a previous and separate relationship, who is 18, a freshman in college, and has been in my primary/residential custody since she was born. She is not “currently residing” with me because she is in another state attending college and residing in a campus dorm, but I am paying for it and she is listed as my dependent. Do I get to claim her as a financial responsibility in the child support calculations?