Child Support - Military Bound Son

I have a 17 yr old son graduating HS June 2011. He will be 18 on Sept 15 2011. He will be entering into the Army Reserves Basic Training prior to starting college in Jan 2012. He will leave June 27th and not return home until Oct 31st. The child support provided was rendered to be paid until his 18th birthday, per the divorce documents. I have been served for child support modification to have the support terminated effective June 30th, 2011. The document states this reason: “Son will no longer be living or be supported by mother since he will be completing Army Basic Training.” I will still have responsibility for his health insurance, car insurance and cell phone while he is away. Any remaining money would be saved for his return. Is this a circumstance that the Judge would terminate child support or would he/she not allow the terminatin to occur until my son is 18? Thank you for your prompt response.

Your son’s moving away is also a factor upon which support can be terminated, though it will depend on the individual judge’s findings in this case, I do not believe support will be continued so that the money saved can be given to him upon his return.