Child Support Modification medical insurance


My question is kind of complicated. I have a child from a previous relationship. The father of the child is retired military and has the child enrolled in tricare and deers. He was court ordered to provide medical and monetary support last April 2008. I requested a modification through NC Child Support to make me responsible for providing medical, so that my son could be on my husband’s deers and tricare. Under my husband my child could get dental ins. Where as his bio father stated that it was to expensive, so I have been covering him for the last year. Well I a moving to Hawaii in October and will no longer have dental coverage. I got my order for my modification ordering me to provide medical. Here is the big problem, the NCP will not unenroll my son out of deers or tricare. And without his authorization they will not release any medical info to me, and he has decided that he does not want to deal with me or my son, hence no communication to get the authorization. How can I get this order enforced? We will be in Hawaii and my son is asthmatic I do not have the time to be getting his permission everytime he has to go to the doctor. And deers and tricare have stated that he has to voluntarily disenroll my son. Can he be order to comply with the modification? He also lives in Minneosota, NC has juristiction. I have worked for child support enforcement in the past and I am unsure how this order can be enforced since he is retired military. Can he be held in contempt. Sorry this is so long, but I am terrified that my child will be left with medical insurance that he can not use because his father has issues.


You will need to file a motion to show cause which will order that your ex co me before the court and explain why he should not be held in contempt for failing to cooperate with a court order.