Child Support - mother of newborn

I have a question, this doesn’t happen often…
I am the mother of two, lost custody because I tried to represent myself, (STUPID, I know) and have been trying to put my babies back where they belong for a while now. (Judge has NOT been fair to me at all)
I have remarried a wonderful man a few years ago, and we just had a child together (his first). I am planning on staying at home with the baby. We cannot put a newborn into daycare for 55 hours a week for emotional and financial reasons, plus I am still nursing him and plan to do so until he is 1.
How can child support be modified? I am available to pick up my other two after school every day so that no afterschool expense will be made, as well as still carry their medical insurance (through my husband)
I just don’t know what the court would order for support if I am not working?