Child support re-evaluation

I am self employed and filed a motion for re-evaluation of child support fifteen months ago. I have two children and the oldest turned 18 in May of 2010. I have supplied every deposit, every check written, tax returns and all documents requested for the last 3 years. Every time a date is set for a hearing, the opposing attorney will delay it due to a lack of documentation. He never lets my attorney know of this before a court date. As time passes, he requests more documents stating he needs current financials. When does it end? We have had numerous delays and continouses and I am losing my patience. I can’t believe a simple process can take this long. Why would my attorney allow this nonsense to continue? Why doesnt she stop this madness? Why would the court allow this? Seems like to me you take the financial facts presented and place it in the NC calculator and determine a new amount. What can I do to move this forward? I await your much needed reply because I am losing my mind!!

Your attorney needs to object to any more continuances, and show the court how many times it has been continued before, I agree that is absurd.