Child support reconfiguration after remarriage and kids

My spouse and I have two kids of our own and they have two from a previous marriage. We are finally going back to court to reconfigure child support. We have a pre nup but I don’t think it saves my income? I currently am not paying any household bills as I am taking care of expenses for our two kids as well as medical bills for the next few years. My spouse now has all household bills as well as travel expenses to see kids and child support to them. We have no joint accounts. Can my income be factored into the amount the ex spouse will get? One child is disabled so I am pretty sure my spouse will be paying child support for the child for the rest of their life despite getting social security. My spouse disagrees. Thank you.

If your current spouse will be reconfiguring child support with his/her ex-spouse, then your income will not be counted. The NC Child Support Guidelines specifically state that income from a person who is not a parent of the child for whom child support is being determined, even if that person is married to the parent, cannot be included.

In regards to the disabled child: Your spouse will not have to have pay child support for that child’s lifetime, but may have to pay until age 20 (versus 18) if the child is still in primary or secondary school and is making satisfactory academic progress towards graduation.