Child support reduction

I am currently active duty military. I was injured and had 2 spine surgeries and 1 knee surgery. I am about to start a med-board from the military due to medical conditions. My time frame is March 2016 and i will be out of the military. I will have a significant pay reduction going from active duty pay (3600.00 counting entitlements) to military disability pay(1200.00). What steps do i need to take in order to reduce my support obligation? I have a court order child support (490.00 a month) and i have a separate child support agreement (250.00). What proof will i need to present to the judge? When should i start the process of requesting a reduction? Thank you in advance for any advice!

You’ll need to file a motion to modify child support, you can do this as soon as you can show a substantial change in circumstances. You will ned to present the judge with proof of income (and disability income) as well as any child related costs you are paying, and any other financial information you feel is relevant.