Child support while in college?


I questioned my ex girlfriend today about custody and advised her I need my son around bottom line. I asked her what she would do if the courts do grant me full custody or primary and she has to pay me a certain amount per/month how and/or what is she going to do? Obviously I do not want to put her in the position to have to go to jail for not paying b/c my son deserves to have a mother in his life bottom line. But, she answered me by saying that if that happened she would go ahead and just go to college and not have to pay anything except for 50/month b/c she will be making just enough to pay for college and place to live, is this the way it works?—Can she only pay 50/month since she would be in college or is she just saying that to egg me on?


If a parent is not working, and it not suppressing their income in bad faith, child support is ordered according to self support reserve, and is set at $50.00 per month.


so basically she can say she is trying to better herself out by going to college so she can take care of him in future and hence pay 50/month while in college?


She can say what she wants, however you have the right to present evidence as to her motives.