Child Support

My child’s father has been paying child support by court order for 7 years. Into the 4th year it was turned over to the Child Support Enforcement Agency. He has been in numerous jobs which messed up the wage withholding for the child support. This time around it has been a year and a half since I requested a child support mod and the caseworker informed me that he resigned from his job again. This is the 4 time he has resigned from a job. She also told me if she moves forward with a mod then he may not have to pay anything. He was ordered to maintain health insurance on our child and pay half of all medical bills not covered by insurance. I called the insurance company to find out he canceled the insurance over a year ago. I purchased a policy since our child has no health insurance.

If he keeps resigning from employment, does that reduce his child support or make it where he has to pay 0?
Will he be responsible for reimbursing me the expensive of the insurance he was told to maintain or will I receive health insurance credit when calculating child support?

If the court finds that he is intentionally depressing his income to avoid support payments the court can impute income to him in the amount he is capable of earning for purposes of calculating support.
You may file a motion for contempt to have the insurance issue addressed and to be awarded support for the months he is delinquent.