Child Support

My name is Mark and I am from mocksville… I am 58 years old. My daughter will be 14 years old on Sept. 25th. I have not seen her since she was 2 years old. I was never behind on child support until due to a major lay off from freight liner llc of April 1, 2007 at which time I became unemployed and have remained so now for a while. I am court ordered to pay child support although I have no income what so ever. Therefore, at the present time I am behind somewhere in the area of $1000.00 with a show-cause hearing schedule for Tuesday Aug. 16th in Davie county. A dear friend of mine recently located your information by internet concerning north Carolina child support calculator and which I followed up on and by doing so I answer the simple questions. The calculator system determined based on my present status of no employment and income that at this time that I should not owe child support. I also understand that the court can make this deviations based on my circumstances. With all due respect and great appreciation look forward to hearing from you at your convince concerning any advice and/or legal information you will be willing to furnish me.

Thank you!


Mark, I took the liberty to edit your question to leave out some personal identifying information. I hope you are okay with this. To answer your question better, are you being called into IV-D court? If so, then I would strongly urge you to please bring with you as much money as you can scrape together. I know that times are difficult, especially in your case, but a child support agent will be more agreeable to speaking with you if you can pay something. Bring this money to court in a money order, you can fill in the details once you get there and speak to the agent. You do risk going to jail if the judge finds you in contempt of your ordered support. They can take you that day and will hold you until you can pay a civil purge amount.

I would suggest that you file immediately for a modification of child support based on your changed conditions of being unemployed. If it has been more than 3 years since your previous order and your support differential is greater than 15%, you can file for the modification. Please be aware though that until your modification is heard and granted, you will still be accruing new arrearages based on your old order. If your support is eventually reduced, you will still be required to pay these arrears, often by paying an additional amount on top of your new child support amount.