Child support

My daughters son was born in AZ on May 14, 2012. She moved back to NC in June of 2012 2 weeks after he was born. The father is still in AZ. They are not married. She started her child support enforcement in Dec. 2012 with the NC social services so she could possibly get a court order for the dad to pay instead of relying on him to do it on his own. It has now been 6 months and really nothing has happened. They know where he live and works and has all the info on him except his SS#. Social services has told her they are trying to have the AZ social services serve him papers by the sheriffs dept. the last 2 months but they haven’t or haven’t had any success doing it. They said they have been trying to do that at his home even though they know were he works. I think this is taking to long. I know working with 2 states would take longer but not this long. She has considered getting an attorney but social services has told her the whole process would have to start over again if she does that plus they would be attorneys fees which she cant afford right now. My question is what can she do to speed this up with social services. I know this takes longer doing this with social services but geez 6 months and they still haven’t served him. I have told her to get firm with social services and ask to speak to her case workers supervisor. When she did that the case worker called back later and acted like she was going to really get on this but its still the same a week later. WHAT OPTIONS DOES SHE HAVE?