Child support

My husband and his childs mother have never been married. They both have legal custody of him. He is 16, high school drop out…in trouble with law…now on probation and was living with my husband and myself for last 5 months. His dad got tired of him laying around the house and he told him look/get a job or internet and cable would be cut to his room. Son gets mad and tells his Probation officer he wants to live with his mothers mom. Both parents agreed to this in front of his Probation officer because he has to have a address for him where he is living. Now the mother is more or less black mailing as I call it my husband that if he don’t come and be with her and come see her when she tells him she is going to take child support out on him and she knows he cant afford that. I am in NC and I know grand parents have no legal rights here and if the child IS NOT with mother can she file for support. If not and grand mother can, wont both parents be responsible for their half of the support.?
Thank you
Debbie Livengood.

If the child has dropped out of high school, then neither parent will be ordered to pay child support. Pursuant to the NC child support guidelines, child support is terminated when a child is no longer enrolled in secondary education.