Child support

could someone please reply to my topic

connie hall

Child support goes to one parent or the other. The state may get the money from the father but then a check would be issued to you.

but does the county get any of it because i get medicare for me myslef and i also get wic and food stamps…

connie hall

No. If the Father send the state a check for $300 you get a check from the state for $300. Child support is not taxed nor do you turn it in as income.

However, they will deduct a “handeling fee”, also known as poundage.

[i]Originally posted by hawkman[/i] [br]However, they will deduct a "handeling fee", also known as poundage.

connie hall

what is that…

connie hall

Basically, they take a fee out of what ever support payment was made. Usually it’s small, like $10, but they take it out of every payment that THEY send to you. If the father lives in another state, that state will take out a fee too.

i havent worked in 5 years…i live from what the county gives me… the county is also handleing the child support… if i get food stamps, money , or medicare from the county for me and the baby will the county get a portion to help off set what the county pays out…
i know of a woman who gets money from the county for her grandson and the mother pays child support but the county keeps it becasue the grandma gets help from the county for the son.

Connie Hall

i just had a baby in august. he is on medicare/medica . i am also on this and i get wic… the county is handling the child support… my question is when they determine child support will the money come to me or will the county get the money.

connie hall