Child Support

We got divorced 10 years ago in Puerto Rico, the child support was stipulated as part of our divorce agreement.

A couple of years later both my ex-wife and myself moved to the mainland on different states.

Today my oldest child has 18 years and is about to graduate from high school and resides in the state of NC.

Her mother claims that because we got divorced in PR the child support rules that apply are those of PR which may force a parent to pay child support until it reaches 21 years of age. I think this is mistaken but would like to hear a more educated opinion.

The facts as I see them are :

  1. Neither of us nor the children in question live in PR or have been living in PR in years.

  2. The child in question has reached 18 years of age and has graduated from high school.

  3. There was never a court ordered child support case, simply a mutual agreement that has been kept and updated until now based on the needs of our children.

Can I get any help?