Child Support


My child support was recently modified due to the fact my order has been in effect since 2002. I have had another child since it was originally ordered. I was only given a credit of $331 for my second child. They said that is 50% of her support since I am married to her mother. I have two questions…

  1. How do they come up this credit amount? Is it standard or what?
  2. Why does the state think that it take $1200 (total amount of CS the state is proposing for the child in question) to raise a 14 year old but only $662 to raise a 4 year old?


You may want to double check to see if the calculation was done correctly. The amount deducted from your gross income for purposes of calculating child support should have been 1/2 the “basic child support obligation”. That means the total gross income between you and your current spouse is approximately $3,550 per month.

If that is not accurate, then you should speak with a lawyer about options to revisit or appeal the amount of support awarded.

The state does expect that a new spouse will be partially responsible for the costs associated with raising your 4 year old.