Child visitation

I am getting ready to have my attorney offer Dad and his attorney a graduated schedule, but before I waste my hourly charge I would like some advice about how it sounds.

Quick recap, baby is 6 months, never seen dad, dad works nights.

I am offering a graduated schedule of 3 days per week 2 hours each day, for the first few weeks to maybe a month it be here at my home.

Then graduate to the 3 days per week and adding 1 weekend day all day.

At around 1 year or so make it 2 days per week for 3 hours and staying over night 2 nights per month.

From there I don’t know since every other weekend is fine but due to night shift a week day night won’t happen as baby would have to have a sitter until 11-12 the next day he wouldn’t have any dad time.

I cannot determine what schedule will work best for your child. I can say if you feel this schedule is in the child’s best interests then you should propose the same to your ex.