Childcare Expenses - Whats Legitimate?



The X and I have used a sitter to watch our kids on teacher work days and early release days and a handful of days in the summer when we are both working and there isn’t any school. Is there any weight in the argument that because these expenses are not re-occurring on a weekly basis that they are not as legitimate for using in a calculation? Wake Co. has about 1 day a month on average that the kids are out of school early or for a teach work day and then we have about 6 days in the summer that the sitter watches the kids so we can work. It comes out to be about $80/mo. on average.
To me, this seems straight forward and predictable child care costs that should be entered into the calculation.


Yes, if you can document that you are actually paying for childcare there is no reason that expense would not be accounted for in a support calculation.