Children not being supervised

My daughter’s exhusband and his wife took their children ages 5 and 9 along with his step children ages 6 and 11 to a large amusement park and allowed the 9 and 11 year old to go around the park without adult supervision. They were to check in periodically, which the kids did, but on one check in they could not find the adults for a long period of time (they say 2 hours) and got scared and went to security to help find the adults which were riding rides with the two younger children. The children did finally find the adults. This just seems so crazy and irresponsible. There have been other questionable behaviors on the part of their father and step mother, nothing that would be considered alone as neglect but they have placed the children in questionable situations. Please tell me that this Is behavior that would cause a judge to question the judgement of these parents? This just scares me for the safety of my grandchildren when they are in their care. They just do not seem to supervise the children very much based on conversations with the children. It seems that they just supervise themselves. It does not appear that much parenting is happening in their household. They visit often in their household so I am really concerned about this. They are expecting another child and I am afraid this lack of supervision will only get worse with the added stress of another child.

Your daughter may file a motion to have the court address the current situation. I do believe that the issues that have arisen would necessarily constitute a substantial change in circumstances warranting a change in custody, however a motion for judicial assistance requiring that the children’s father be accountable for the children may be in order.