Child's paycheck and bank account

My oldest step son is 14 and is currently “working” as part of a demolition crew for a construction company, or so he tells us as we have yet to hear anything official from his mother who is supposed to report all extracurricular events to us per our existing court order. When I asked him how he gets paid he reports receiving cash that his mother deposits into a bank account. This woman is financially irresponsible on a good day and my husband and I have concerns about the safety of our sons money. Are there any legal resources that we have at our disposal to have access to that money to ensure that it is being protected for his future use.

Thank you!

You can file a motion for order to show cause and ask that the judge enforce the provision that she notify you of extra-curriculars (per your existing order) and ask the judge to rule on the bank account situation. The judge can order that you have access to the account or are sent statements, etc.