Civil Action Cover Sheet

In Durham Superior Court do you have to file a civil action cover sheet for a Notice of ERRATA?

A civil action cover sheet is supposed to be attached to all pleadings. The note at the bottom of the form states:

All filings in civil actions shall include as the first page of the filing a cover sheet summarizing the critical elements of the filing in a format prescribed by the
Administrative Office of the Courts, and the Clerk of Superior Court shall require a party to refile a filing which does not include the required cover sheet. For
subsequent filings in civil actions, the filing party must either include a General Civil (AOC-CV-751), Motion (AOC-CV-752) or Court Action (AOC-CV-753) cover sheet.

If it is a domestic case, you shold use form AOC-CV-750.

Thank you!! Also am I just filing it with the clerk? I am not seeing anywhere that a Notice of Errata on a First Amended
Complaint (Already ammended) needs to have the court do anything. I do not need to ask for a hearing to get the notice of errata approved? I can just file it? ( The defendant has not filed his answer to the complaint) Thank you so much!!