Civil action?

my ex left the state with our kids without prior notice of intent as odered by the court.she left no forwarding address, no phone #,no contact.she non-leagaly changed the kids last name to hide them from me. seven tormented years later i recieve a bill for in back child support, i was then able to find the location of our kids with the help of the da’s office, child abduction unit. they were located in washington state, i live in san diego.all four childern are now over 18 and i have spent the last 5 years trying to rebuild our relationship. my childern informed me that they were told that i wanted nothing to do with them, didnt care…ect real bad. we were all very close and both suffered terribly from our forced seperation
we feel we all have some pas type issues, our question is can we sue in a civil action agaist their mother and my ex. for damages do to her depriving us of each other,the illegal methods she used,the lies and deceitful manner keeping us apart. was their a breach of contract negating child support oblagations. thanks for your help