Co-Parenting agreement - must have!

That’s a great point to make. My husband and his ex have everything in their final agreement which also included property and child support. Their papers state which days of the week they are with their mother and which with their father, where they spend each holiday specific years, who buys clothing and a set amount a year on clothes. School supplies and activities, lunch money and all the other necessities. They had to work some little things out between them, and have changed some of this stuff to fit schedules and budgets, but initially it helped to have all this in writing. It does save a lot of wondering later on.

For those of you who are in the midst of separation one thing you need to make sure you do now is to have a co-parenting agreement. I cannot tell you how much heartache, irritation and anxiety it will cause you if you don’t have something like this in writing. There are lots of resources on the internet to find sample plans but you need to spell out things like access to medical and educational records, pick up times and places, where the children will go for holidays and vacations, what to do if they children are in an accident, when they will be in after care or who cares for them if parents aren’t around, etc. etc. Trust me, not having this written up will insure that you will be revisiting your lawyer about custody issues sooner rather than later.