Co pays/Deductables

I just succeeded in getting DSE to obtain an upward support modification from ex wife.Ex was ordered to pay medical and in court CSE attorney ( with my prodding) raised Dental as well , and ex said " oh yes, of course Dental as well".
The new / modified order does not specify dental and says nothing of sharing co pay or out of pocket.
Insurance card I just received from Ex not only has NO Dental coverage, but has a huge deductable ( $3500) and only pay’s 70% after that, so I will have 30% out of pocket with no reimbursement.

How can this be best addressed , as there is no way I can afford this, the kids are only 6 and 9 and with no dental or sharing of co pays,etc, the policy she sent is nearly useless.

If she was ordered to provide dental coverage and did not, you may file an action for contempt.

If the order did not specify the type of medical insurance she had to obtain, she will likely not be held in contempt for this issue.