COBRA and CS questions

  1. Will the plan administrators for spouse’s medical and dental insurance plans need to have a court order (? a ‘QDRO’) in order for me to continue benefits under the COBRA provisions, whether agreed to in an SA or litigated?
    2) Why does the CS calculator ask for # of overnights child will spend with you-- is this part of the calculation as to how the CS is to be split? If so, can spouse force you to keep child for “your” overnights, arguing that it is your financial responsibility to house/feed them because that is how the split was calculated?
    3) Need clarification on former question. If I were to die, while still married (i.e., divorce not final), which of the following would/could my creditors go after-- a)Mortguaged house, deeded to both of us. b)land, paid for, purchased while married, deeded in spouse’s name only. c)car, paid for, titled in spouse’s name d) spouse’s personal property of value–
    jewelry (gifted while married), or any other personal property?



A QDRO is used to divide an retirement account and is not related to COBRA.

The overnights are used to determine the appropriate amount of support based on the amount of time the children spend with each parent. A parent is not forced to take their children for any number of nights.

In the event of your death, your creditors could go after half of the house which your name is on, the remaining property could not be reached.