My wife threw me out about 2 weeks ago. We have 2 children from our marriage, aged 5 & 2. I am a dependent spouse, only working as a temp with a contract ending in August; she is an OB/GYN. I have been a stay at home father until the past couple of months when I decided to get a temp job. The household has lived dependent on her salary for the last 3 years. I have also been the primary caregiver for our children their whole lives. When she threw me out, she gave me $2000 to live off of (food, gas to get to work, & shelter (hotel)). My temporary assignment is ending in August, with no full time employment lined up as of this date. I do not have the means to get my own place, especially not knowing if I have a job after August, so I had to co-lease an apartment with a female friend. I just received the Custody Order that my wife wants me to sign but she has a “No Cohabitation” clause in there. What are my options since my roommate is female? We are both on the lease & I have no other friends around that I would have been able to do this with. My wife didn’t leave me with any options since she refuses to help with an apt/hotel/shelter of any kind (I have asked).


Having a female roommate is not the same as cohabitation. To be considered cohabitation, your relationship with your roommate would have to be intimate or romantic in nature. Among other things, you should file an action for post-separation support and alimony. If she was the supporting spouse throughout the marriage, she should continue to support you, at least through this transitional period, if not longer.