Collecting Debt On Out Of State Ex

My wife and I will have our divorce finalized within 1 month. There is no alimony, no children and we have settled all proerty matters with one exception: She owes me $11,600. This debt was issued as part of a judicial ruling so she cannot deny she owes it to me.

My problem is this: She is flat broke, unemployed, and living with a friend. I haven’t gone after her to pay off the debt since I think that would be just a waste of my time. I am not going to spend $5,000 on a lawyer to force some sort of $50-per-month payment schedule.

But what happens if she leaves North Carolina? I expect she is going to move out of state. If she takes a job and becomes a permanent resident of another state, how do I collect the debt? Can it be done here, or would I have to go there to file suit?

If there is already a judgement in NC you can sue to enforce the same here.