Concerned parent of children well being

Over the weekend my 7 year old asked me if I had any sleeping pills for her to take when I was putting her to bed. During this conversation their sibling started to get all defensive of the topic like he was trying to hide something. Once I got the kids to bed I asked my 7 year old a few more questions, away from the sibling, to find out more information. My 7 year old stated that the other parent would give my children sleeping pills before bed. When asking my 7 year old what type of pill it was, they stated a little white pill. I also asked if the other parent gave it to them once in a while. The 7 year old stated back, no every night. At this point this is the only information I have and don’t know if it is an over the counter medicine, prescription or herbal supplement he may be giving the kids. I did look up their medical records and have no records of them going to the doctor this year, so it cannot be something prescribed to them. I am not certain what steps I should take in order to proceed. My ex is not very cooperative when it comes to the kids and is a very defensive person, so I cannot go to him and ask him up front. From a legal point of view what do I do next?

Thank you!

im no attorney but it could be melatonin which is a little white pill…my whole family takes it completely safe for children and adults and herbal but if in fact you are concerned i would contact cps and have them investigate or take your children to get a blood test to find out whats in their system then its legally documented by a dr.

Aside from taking drastic measures such as filing for change of custody or contacting CPS, you don’t have much options except to ask him. I would suggest that even if it would cause an unpleasant conversation, it is important to try to have this conversation with their father. Without giving him a chance to explain himself, you may jump to conclusions and needlessly subject yourself to CPS investigations and/or a custody conflict.