Concerning if older parents was gifted the land


My mom and dad has both names on the deed mom does not know how that happen thats why I am contacting you. My dad father died 40 years ago about 7 years into thier marriage grandma was still alive until 10 years ago anyways Grandpa left the land like this their were 7 bothers and sisters and grandma left surviving he put the land to be inherrited to and his name was AT Gilliam so he left it to The AT Gilliam Heirs so then about 2 years after grandma died the family decided to go to court and get that divided amounst the 6 surviving brothers and sisters that is when the land was divided and put into the surviving brothers and sisters names along with thier spouces names on the deeds too. So that is how my mom got her name on the deed so is that martial property and by the way the only children mom and dad have is me and my brother and we are grown. So can mom get her part of the land in a divorce she wants her half not get bought out she needs it to live on because when she lefted it caused her to go have to get the county to help her live like living in an apartment based on her income through the county. She wants to come back to where she has live the last 50 years and mom and dad were married for about 47 or 48 years so Is this land considered by the court on divorce as marital property.


Property received by a couple during their marriage is marital in nature and subject to division in an equitable distribution action.