I have been divorced for 5 months. No separation of property still. My ex is hiding all he can and preventing this from happening. I recently found out he is purchasing land (with our money???) and having his gf pay for it, but putting the deed in his name. This, I would assume is proof that he once again is hiding our money and cheating me out of what is mine. She has no money to her name and does not have the $10,000 down payment he is putting on it. Do I have any recourse to go after this? I also plan to sue her for alienation of affection…waiting until the last minute to do this. Since she pays for the land legally, will I be entitled to any of the land worth $80.000? Any advice would be appreciated.


Do you have a claim already in for ED? If you didn’t have a claim in BEFORE the issue of Absolute Divorce, then you lose your opportunity to split money or property. If you’ve already put in a claim, then you’ll need to ask for a Discovery of financial / bank statements so you can track what money was there on the date of separation. You would be entitiled to 1/2 that money.

As far as AofA goes, I hope you have evidence of the GF before you got separated. You will need to establish a relationship prior to separation and that you had a happy, healthy marriage before the GF came into the picture. You have to prove that she was the cause of the demise of your marriage.

I do not think you have any claim to the property, since it was purchased after the date of divorce.

I’m assuming you don’t have a lawyer working on your behalf?


If you are already divorced and there is no lawsuit for “Equitable Distribution” and no “Separation Agreement”, you may have lost your rights to the property.

If, instead, what you mean is that you have only stopped living together for 5 months, you can still make a claim for the property. Even though the property was purchased after separation, you can still go after the funds used to purchase the property.

If you are confused about the difference between separation and divorce, the best thing to do is to consult and attorney that can clarify these issues.


Divorce has been final, but ED not. That is why I am asking. “x” owns a business and has kept all of our income in that company. We own the property together. He has many ways to hide income and put back into company alot of our income. Any time he wants something, he buys it. Trups paid for by company etc. I am sure you know what I mean. He has taken all cash assets and I have no idea what he has done with anything. That is why I ask. It obviously appears that he is using our money to purchase land, but having GF pay for it to make it look like she is paying for items. Funny how the land is to be in his name and not hers…since she supposedly paid for it. Nobody is studid enough to do that. they are not even married. Just need to know what I can do , or what I should be aware of that may help my case.


I fear that you may misunderstand my statement. The first thing you should do is see a lawyer to make sure you still have the ability to pursue Equitable Distribution since the divorce is fine.

If a lawsuit has been filed, you can conduct discovery and get whatever statements you need to prove your allegations and bring evidence of where money has gone.

You can also attempt to get a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction to freeze certain assets if he is wasting or diverting money. If you don’t have a lawyer already, you should certainly consult one now.