Considering Changing Attorney

My daughter left her husband because he became increasing domineering, controling, emotionally abusive and physically abusive. She obtained an attorney for child custody in the hope of returning to Massacusetts with her one year old child. Her attorney filed the motion which included custody, leaving NC to return to MA and her husband to pay for leagal expenses as she was a dependant spouse unable to defray the cost of the attorney’s fees. We provided the attorney with a wealth of info regarding my daughter’s husband which would prove he is unfit to be with the child including name of employer who fired him for violence in the work place, name of officer and veterinarian who treated kitten he threw against wall breaking it’s legs, ten text messages between my other daughter and a neighbor who stated more than once that he feared for his life and the safety of his family from my daughter’s husband, how he set fire to a stuffed animal in front of the child and tearing to shreads clothes that we gave the child. None of this was entered into evidence. The outcome was less than we had hoped for. My daughter was awarded primary custodial custody of the child, but not allowed to return to MA due the hardship and expense of long distance visitation. Her husband was awarded supervised visitation, (by his mother who had him institutionalized 2 years ago.) He now has unsupervised visitation. He was ordered to pay child support in the amount of $160 per month of which he paid one payment in 5 months. More recently, (October), he was ordered to pay $435 per mont plus an addition $20 per month to make arrearages of which he has made a partial payment to date. The Judge did not address attorney fees in her finding. Most of her finding revolved around what bad parents myself and my wife alledgedy are. We would like the case to be re-heard but in a court outside of Lincoln County with an attorney who will listen to us and fight for my daughter who now resides in Gasto County and is working full time.


This is so sad, my heart goes out to you and your family. Can you appeal visitation?
Also, no offense, but what was your question in your post? Are you looking for a referral?

Hoping the best for you and the child.
PS. Have you considered a Guardian at Litem or calling Social Services of your concern of this mans mental disorder?