Contempt and The Evil Stepmother


*just a note
I do not think all stepmothers are evil. I feel that when both parents are very much involved with the child, step parents should play a supporting role and are not the “stars”. I know if one parent is not in the picture step parents can fill that gap in a loving way…



If the order says to provide the other party something within 7 days, does it mean within 7 days or around that time?

If the evil stepmother is referring herself as mom #2 on the children’s school work and marks out things I have written to the teacher in the communication log (plus other things to undermine my authority) be considered imparing my childrens high regard for me?

I have many other instances that I would consider contempt. What is the purpose and result of filing and winning?

If we have joint legal custody and control, what is the purpose of the other side writing “legal guardian” after their signature?

Thank you for your time