It is hard to say what the outcome of this particular motion for contempt will be given your step daughter


thank you erin for the info & opinion. I appreciate your honesty on what the judge may or may not do.I sure wish our attorney gave us the same advice as you before we paid him the extra money for the contempt process. thank you again


Hello, this is my first time posting. As of this year, my husband has primary custody of his 17 year old teenage daughter. She resides primarly in our care and visited her mother whenever she chose too.(she has a car and license) (the custody order states that he has primary custody and visitation will be agreed upon). Recently, my StepD got angry at her father when she didn’t ger her way and had her mother come and pick her up and we have not saw her since… our attorney advised us that the only thing to do was a contempt of court. that’s what my husband did and we are waiting on a court date. Can anyone tell me what to expect? thank you