Couple of Questions

If he is in arrears that much persue the support for your child, allowing a person to not assume the responsibility of their own flesh and blood is is outright wrong. Where you might want to do something nice for the child but can’t when if the child was recieving the support by both parents he benifits both now and in the future. I want to say the courts will help you but it can be frustrating but you should persue the obligation. email at det37@msn if I can help point you to some resources that you may not know about for help.

Disbelief in the system

If my ex-husband (who is over $16,000 in arrears) does not pay child support do I have the legal right to deny him visiting our child? I have full custody, and he does call every 1-2yrs and wants to see our child. He does pay child support very sporadically.

Also, he is supposed to provide insurance also on our child. The thing is that I know for a fact he used our son’s social security number in the past to obtain a phone. Since then, I’d rather him not have access to his social security #.

Last thing… If my ex-husband wanted to sign over his parental rights and I wanted him to sign over his parental rights could this be done? I know at one time it was thought that this could only be done if there was an adoptive parent waiting in the wings. My husband is interested (we also have a daughter together) we’re just not sure when it could happen b/c of the legal fees and paying for the home visit. Is this something that I could see if my ex-husband would pay?