Court Hearing, Cart Before The Horse


Another chapter in the ongoing saga of Money, Money, Who Gets The Money. (Besides our lawyers)

I filed for divorce last May, so I assume this is why I am the Plaintiff, even though it is my Ex who is going after My money. Her lawyer filed for a Change of Venue,which included a Counterclaim stating certain financial demands. My lawyer filed a Reply To Counterclaim, stating the reasons these demands should not be granted. In April my lawyer sends a letter, with supporting documents, stating a dollar amount we have concluded that I owe the Defendant, and that he requested a response by March 15th. We received no response.

Continuing on expensively, my lawyer then requests a court date for a Motion of Summary Judgement to be heard, said motion requesting an opinion as to the validity of our Pre-Nuptial Agreement, and a Release of Marital Interest of Real Estate. This was to be heard in mid July, however we had to ask for an extension because my lawyer um . . . had a more pressing matter which he had to attend on that date.

At the same time my lawyer told me that my life was going to be put on hold for another month, he tells me that the judge will not look favorably on her position, since she HAS FAILED TO BRING THIS CASE TO TRAIL. My question is (finally) since I am the Plaintiff, wouldn’t it be ME that would be the party to bring it to trail?